Office Hours / Ricevimento Studenti

Tuesday 3-4 pm (CEST) / Martedì 15-16.







If you are interested in Cloud, Edge or Fog Computing algorithms and applications, and you are willing to work on these topics you can send an email to me or to prof. Roberto Beraldi. The open topics are research-oriented and they are:

  • load balancing and distributed scheduling algorithms for Fog and Edge Computing;
    • targeting energy (Green Edge Computing)
    • QoS, performance metrics like latency/drop rate
  • reinforcement learning based approaches for the previous point;
  • distributed scheduling/load balancing algorithms for enabling low latency AR/VR applications backed by Edge or Fog Computing;
  • offloading algorithms for mobile-based applications, targeting energy and latency;
  • any other related topic that you want to deepen.

Generally, the theses can require programming skills, regarding python (especially for simulations), Go, Docker Contatiner and a minimum of Linux sysadmin skills for more practical tests. The experiments can be conducted even on our framework called P2PFaaS which already installed in a cluster of Raspberry Pi. We are open also to conduct more theory-oriented theses, if you are interested. Also see the list of Publications for having a glance about our research interests and expertise.

This is a list of past MSc theses that I followed:

  • A Latency-levelling Load Balancing Algorithm for Fog and Edge Computing, January 2023, Marco Magnani. [PAPER];
  • A Double-step Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Online Scheduling in Edge and Fog Computing, January 2023, Ahmed Fayez Moustafa Tayel;
  • Local and Remote Fog based Trade-offs for QOE in VR Applications by using CloudXR and Oculus Air Link, June 2022, Gabriele Maiorano. [PAPER];